Crypto Heroes

Crypto Heroes is a charity-driven collection of 1111 deflationary heroes providing children in hospitals with entertainment in the form of comics & toys.

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50% of all revenue generated from the collection will be donated to charity. 25% will be used to donate toys to local hospitals in Boston, MA. The remaining 25% will be donated to charities chosen by our community. By minting a Hero, you become part of a bigger cause.


We pride ourselves on building community of like-minded individuals focused on driving IRL impact through NFTs. We host weekly events in our discord and will begin hosting metaverse events in our community Enviro Gallery upon the project's launch, with plans to host IRL events in the distant future.


Every hero needs recognition for their contributions. Heroes will receive both physical & digital rewards including comics, NFTs, merch, and more. Our utility token $HERO can be earned by staking and will be used to redeem rewards. Heroes will also receive benefits from our fundraising platform Trinity.

2222 Unique Heroes


Donate 2 Earn

Trinity is being built to help charitable organizations fundraise, empower underrepresented artists, & reward those who give. By linking real-world experiences & prizes with charity NFT collections, we hope to bring light to the world's most important issues. To learn more, read our Litepaper.

Empowering Charitable NFTs

We will  collecting charitable NFTs and stashing them in our Vault through royalties. The Vault's collection will be showcased in our community's Enviro  where we will hold exclusive events and gatherings.

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Crypto Heroes Roadmap



Launch New Website -
Rebranding Of Our Twitter/Discord -
Launch Marketing Campaign -
Add New Team Members -
Finalize Donation Plans -


In progress

Mint: May 5th-
Fulfill Charity Donations -
Ship Comics To Eligible Holders -
Staking & $HERO Token Launch -
Engage With Venture Studios to Build Trinity -


coming soon

Soft Launch Trinity -
Crypto Villians Mint -
Host IRL charity events -



- Purchase Comic Books For Shipping
- Select Launchpad Partner
- Whitelist all Royal Rhino Holders
- Accelerate Marketing Campaign


coming soon

- Merch Drop
- 1/1 Charity Auctions
- Female Heroes Airdrop
- Icon Hero Origin Comics Airdrop
- Hero Blending Tool

Hero Utility

- DC Or Marvel Comic Book For Each NFT Minted*
- Crypto Heroines Airdrop
- Crypto Villains Mint
- Icon Hero Digital Comics
- Deflationay Buy & Burn (5% of Royalties)
- Community Enviro Gallery Access & Events.
- Exclusive Perks To Trinity.
- Stake To Earn $HERO, Redeemable For Comics, Merch, & More.

Crypto Heroes Core Team


founder & CEO


business operations



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